VOX: A Choir for Social Change

Born out of the Don’t BE Afraid campaign, VOX: A Choir for Social Change is geared towards helping to end discrimination in society and starting a dialogue about difficult issues facing the world. VOX uses music as a tool for peace; a tool that can open our eyes to other cultures, open our emotions to different perspectives, break down social barriers, and unite people of all backgrounds.

VOX has been singing since November, 2014, and recently travelled to St. John’s, NL, to share the Don’t BE Afraid message with the Shallaway Youth Choir, and to the Annapolis Valley to sing with the Annapolis Valley Honour Choir. Rehearsals take place every Thursday evening in Halifax.

Through music, VOX is dedicated to improving lives and inspiring change. 

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Saturday, December 5th | 7:30 PM | Fort Massey United Church | 5303 Tobin St., Halifax

The Phoenix Community Choir, the Emergency Choir Operation, and VOX: A Choir for Social Change hosted a joint concert featuring a wide range of music- from African folk songs to popular music, and yes, some holiday music too!  All proceeds supported Phoenix Youth programs. 



Did you know Don't BE Afraid has its own song?

Choir Moments

Dedicated with love to Scott Jones and his Don't Be Afraid campaign. Kokopelli Choir Association commissioned this piece by Saskatchewan singer/songwriter Allyson Reigh (arr. Jennifer McMillan). Conducted by Kathleen Skinner, piano by Tyson Kerr. Recorded at "Pax," Nov. 8, 2014, at McDougall Church, Edmonton, Alberta. For information on this arrangement, visit http://mcmillanmusic.com.