Through the lens


When Scott was attacked, when he was still in his hospital bed, everyone started hosting fundraisers. Everywhere across the world people sent money and support. They didn’t talk about it much in Quebec, but in the rest of Canada, it was all over the news.

People sent in testimonials from everywhere, and a friend of his wanted to make a pin for a fundraising event. She asked him what he wanted to be written on it, and he said ‘Don’t BE Afraid.’ Don’t be afraid of homosexuality, and don’t be afraid to be yourself.

I really wanted to do something with that, and I was inspired by Humans of New York: I made a sign that said ‘Don’t BE Afraid’ and started taking pictures of my friends, and getting their statements of solidarity. We started doing this, and slowly people started making their own signs and sending us pictures. We received pictures from Tanzania, Argentina, South Korea, China, Australia, France, England, Central America, Ecuador… I was so happy: my grandparents took the sign and shared a picture and their statement. We were featured a few times in the news, and they would always use my grandparents’ picture.

I am so proud of this campaign, and I truly believe that the power of photography has helped its message reach far and wide. I hope you'll get involved, if it inspires you, too!



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Make your own colourful, creative Don't BE Afraid sign. Model it after one of ours, or try something new! The only requirement is that the sign features rainbow colours and that it says 'Don't BE Afraid,' or the equivalent in any language- 'No Tengas Miedo,' 'N'Ayez Pas Peur,' etc. Have someone take a photograph of you/your group proudly displaying the sign. Be adventurous with the location and pose! Express yourself. :)

Submit your photo by message to the campaign on Facebook, or via email as an attachment to cefraser1@gmail.comInclude a message that speaks to how you feel about fear, equality, and showing your true colours. Stand by to see your photo posted in the Facebook gallery! Tag yourself and share away! Tell your friends around the world to take part.