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The Don't BE Afraid message was created by Scott Jones shortly after the October, 2013 attack that left him paralyzed. Scott wanted to turn this act of hate into an opportunity to examine and relinquish the fears that surround intolerance. He and his friend, Katie Roux, discussed a design for the pin that reads 'Don't BE Afraid'. The pin was initially used for a benefit which was held to raise funds for Scott's recovery.

Later, one of his close friends, Charlotte Marchesseault painted the pin's design onto canvas (as seen in the above photo) and began the Don't BE Afraid photo campaign on Facebook. The original message has since evolved into an awareness campaign against homophobia and transphobia, with supporters from all over the world sending in their photos and messages of equality.

Since its inception, the campaign has held events at community centres and high schools across Canada, started a choir for social change called VOX, and inspired people from almost every continent to send in photos of support.

We are so excited to see where this campaign takes us next!