Don’t BE Afraid campaign launches new website

Halifax, NS- March 15, 2015

Scott Jones and the Don't BE Afraid team are heading into spring with a revitalized online presence. The new website,, went live today.

With a designated donation option, the site is the first sign of the campaign’s newly achieved non-profit status. As stated in its mission, “Don't BE Afraid works to create a non-judgmental forum to discuss the fear associated with homophobia and transphobia.” The organization spreads awareness through events, fundraisers, concerts, media and collaboration with like-minded organizations.

Message from Scott: “Over the last year and a half, the campaign has been engaging the public in discussions about homophobia and transphobia in society. We've hosted events across Canada, we've spoken at schools throughout the province, we've encouraged people from around the world to participate in our Facebook photo campaign, and we've started VOX: A Choir for Social Change here in Halifax. Now, we are so happy to be releasing our own website- an online tool that will help us be even more visible and affect even more positive change in society!”

The website is decorated with portraits of smiling people from around the world, proudly displaying Don’t BE Afraid signs. Visitors are encouraged to get involved through advocacy, creative expression, and society membership


About Don’t BE Afraid: LGBTQ Awareness Society

Don't BE Afraid is a non-profit organization dedicated to dissolving the fear surrounding homosexuality and transsexuality. The organization and its supporters work to promote a deeper level of acceptance of all human beings through outreach, events, fundraising, and collaborative projects. 


About Scott Jones
Scott Jones is a musician and activist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In October, 2013, Scott suffered a hateful attack that left him paralyzed from the waist down. He decided that a positive message needed to stem from this devastating situation, and in response, the Don’t BE Afraid campaign was born.